Project Outline


Clenergy understands that each process in the life cycle of the project is critical. Using our considerable knowledge and background, we work with you to make sure that every stage moves forward smoothly.

It can take from 1 - 2 years to take a project from our initial assessment through to successful operation.


Free Initial Assessment

Clenergy is happy to provide a free initial assessment of your site for the ability to accommodate  a wind turbine. This will include every aspect of the scheme including the physical space space required, residential amenity, potential radar issues, microwave links, landscape, ecology and cultural heritage to name a few.

We will also consider whether the tenure of the land is suitable as we need to take a land lease of at least 25 years. Therefore if your have a leasehold, your lease will need to be equal to or greater than 25 years with the ability to sub-let for this use.

If you are a high power consumer, we will also assess how much power that you would potentially consume from the wind turbine by looking at your consumption and shift patterns. We will then also be able to advise how much of a saving could be provided over purchasing power from the grid.


Seeking Planning Permission

Clenergy benefits from a wealth of experience in successful planning applications with its dedicated planning team. 

We will deal with all aspects of the planning process through to determination and pay for all costs.



Clenergy understands that a wind turbine is "Out of the Norm" for most companies, so we offer advise throughout the legal process. Our solicitors are extremely experienced in dealing with land lease agreements for wind turbines and will draft all documents for review by your legal advisor. Although a specialist document, they are based on very standard land option/lease documents which any competent solicitor will be able to deal with on your behalf. However, we do have a panel of legal advisors who are used to these type of agreements that we could recommend to act on your behalf. If you wish to receive our list, please ask.



Clenergy benefits from a wealth of experience in successful wind turbine installations. Our construction team has been personally responsible for the installation of over £12m of wind turbines over the past 3 years.

All constructions cost will be covered by Clenergy



The operational team in Clenergy are highly experienced in effective operation of each project. All aspects of the wind turbine are constantly monitored to ensure we maximise the performance and production of the machine. 


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