Is my site suitable for a wind turbine

A simple desktop analysis will be carried out quickly to identify if a site is suitable for a wind turbine.

  • We assess a number of issues such as:
  • buildings/trees to check wind flow
  • topography of the land and coastal proximity
  • issues of access for build and maintenance
  • distance to your incoming power supply 
  • windspeed calculations

If the site looks suitable then we will complete a full feasibility survey to confirm the site's suitability.

Why are industrial sites best?

Clenergy prefers to install on brownfield sites are these are usually industrial sites that already have good existing access roads.  Due to the nature of the sites, there are generally fewer visual and ecological issues.

Also, we are able to offer site owners a power purchase agreement at a significant discount to that of their ‘brown’ energy supply which is linked to RPI (Typically 20-30% discount from Brown power). This normally provides a meaningful financial saving for our clients in terms of the overall cost of their electricity supply, but also offers the advantage of allowing our clients to fix a good proportion of their energy needs to RPI, which acts as a useful hedge against exposure to the volatility of wholesale pricing in the wider energy market

Are wind turbines noisy?

No, over the past ten years revolutionary wind farm technology has been able to drastically reduce the mechanical noise that comes from wind turbines, making them almost undetectable compared to air or traffic noise. It is the increase in wind speed that masks the noise made by wind turbines. The main sound you will hear is now a gentle swoosh of the blades passing the tower. Strict guidelines are in place to ensure protection of residential amenity from wind turbines and noise emissions.

Advantages of installing a wind turbine

There are many advantages to installing a wind turbine at your premises including:

  • reducing your electricity bills
  • reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the environment
  • incentives from exporting any electricity you do not use back into the national grid
Is wind energy safe?

Wind energy is one of the safest energy technologies. Independent research, commissioned by the HSE in the UK in 2011 states the probability of a fatality as a result of a single failure of a large wind turbine is 10-9 per year-1. This is roughly the same as the risk of being killed by lightening. The safety risks of wind turbines to a member of the public are extremely low.

How much maintenance is required?

Our wind turbines are extremely reliable.  All turbines are be checked bi-annually to ensure they are in balance and the structural parts should be checked for damage.

We ensure maintenance contracts are in place which ensures servicing is straightforward and completed when required.  The manufacturers warranty also covers the controls and the wind turbine for the first five years.

What happens when a power cut occurs?

All installed turbines are connected to the national grid and the turbine will automatically shut down is a power cut occurs.  

What happens if lightning strikes?

Full protection of electrical circuits is installed at manufacture.

Is there an impact on wildlife and the environment?

Research has indicated that bird strikes by moving blades do happen but is extremely rare, as long as the turbine is sited away from migration paths and nesting sites. The RSPB actively supports and promotes the use of wind power.