Once planning has been gained, we then enter into the construction phase.



Our project team will liaise with the landlord, civil contractor, electrical contractor, distribution network operator (Grid Connection) and turbine supplier to agree the best construction program for all involved. This is particularly important for brownfield factory installations, as we need to minimise any distribution to the landlords business and work together for a safe installation for all involved.


Civil Construction

The civil construction element typically takes for 2-3 months and involves the physical excavation and construction of the wind turbine base and ancillary equipment. 


Grid Connection

The onsite grid connection works will take place both during the Civil Constriction and Turbine erection period. This may include connection of the wind turbine to not only the National Grid but also embedding it into the Landlords factory which will need a detailed timing plan to minimise any disruption this may cause. 


Wind Turbine Erection

Once the wind turbine base has had time to cure and reached the required strength the turbine can be erected. Subject to wind conditions this can take anything from one day up to a week to install and reach mechanical completion. 


Wind Turbine Commissioning

Once the wind turbine has been mechanically completed we can then start the commissioning process which includes electrical installation and software set up. This typically take between 1 - 2 weeks.


Wind Turbine Trial Period

When the wind turbine is commissioned several test need to be run on the machine as varying windspeeds to make sure that it is able to operate safely and efficiently. This may take up to 1000 hours of operational tests before we class it as being operational.

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