Free Initial Assessment

Every site is different, therefore, we are happy to provide a free initial assessment of your site for the ability to accommodate a commercial scale solar PV array. This will include every aspect of the scheme including the physical space required, roof loadings, planning requirement and grid connection to name a few.

We will consider whether the tenure of the land and building is suitable as we need to take a lease of at least 25 years. Therefore if your have a leasehold, your lease will need to be equal to or greater than 25 years with the ability to sub-let for this use.

If you are a high power consumer, we will assess how much power you would potentially consume from the solar PV array by looking at your consumption and shift patterns. We will then also be able to advise how much of a saving could be provided over purchasing power from the grid.

The assessment will consider the relevant issues relating to your site, and report on whether we believe that your site would be suitable. As permitted development rules differ throughout the UK, we can advise what would be deliverable without planning.


Seeking planning permission

We will prepare all documents, including all technical and environmental reports, for planning submission if required.


What are the current permitted development rights for commercial rooftop solar?

  • England: Up to 1MW
  • Wales: Up to 50 kW
  • Scotland: Up to 50 kW

A process of detailed design will be undertaken to establish the optimum composition of the development.  In some cases it may be possible for us to design the development in such a way that full planning consent will not be required.  In other instances, such as sites that would benefit from a mixtures of roof top and ground mounted arrays, full planning consent will be required.


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