Monier, Redlands

About the project

Note: The capacity factor used in these calculations is 27.82 %.
No of turbines: 1
Rating of turbines: 0.5 MW
Wind farm size: 0.5 MW
Predicted output: 1,545 MWhr p.a.
Av. households supplied: 307 households
CO2 displacement: 289 tonnes p.a

William David was responsible for gaining a planning amendment to change the original planning consent to accomodate the Powerwind 500kw wind turbine in late 2011 and then went on to constructed the machine in February 2012. 


The Powerwind 500kw was the first of its type in the UK and one of, if not the first 500kw installed in the UK under the Feed in Tariff (FIT). 


As well as dealing with the planning and construction, William also dealt with all aspects of the project finance, option/lease documents, construction contracts, Ofgem registration and turbine procurement with the funding partners.

About Monier, Redlands

Redlands is a brand of the Braas Monier Building Group.  With operations in 36 countries and over 100 production sites,Braas Moniers is the leading worldwide supplier of pitched roofing materials.