Collier Quarry

About the project

Note: The capacity factor used in these calculations is 27.82 %.
No of turbines: 1
Rating of turbines: 1.5 MW
Wind farm size: 1.5 MW
Predicted output: 3.548 MWhr p.a.
Av. households supplied: 831 households
CO2 displacement: 2,154 tonnes p.a.

Roy Ferguson submitted the planning application in November 2011 and it was consented following a recommendation for approval in August 2012. 

William David dealt with all aspects of delivering this project including the 4 miles of complex grid connections works. The turbine was erected in January 2015 and awaiting energisation.

About Collier

Goathill Quarry (part of Collier Quarrying Group) is a hard rock quarry located south of Cowdenbeath. The turbine will provide the site with approximately 33% of their current power requirement.