Types of Charge Points

There are two main types of Charge Point


AC units provide Alternating Current to the vehicle and these points are usually at a rate of between 7kW to 22kW. As these provide power in AC, each car has an onboard charger converting the power to DC which is saved in the battery. These chargers will have differ rates and therefore may limit the supply capacity of the AC charger.



DC units provide Direct Current to the vehicle. As this does not need to be routed via the onboard charger it is at a higher rating. At present most electric vehicles can accept DC at around 50kW however the Tesla chargers are 120kW.


Clenergy is independent and works with all major manufactorers and is able to design, install and manage the best system for you as the customer. This is something many of our competitors are unable to provide as they only provide their own products which may not be the best solution for your installation.


With a requirement of up to 30% of all car spacing needing chargers by 2020, this could add extremely large additional loads of your premises. Clenergy is able use its expertise in onsite power generation to consider load balancing if required. 


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