About EV Charging

Is your business ready to provide your staff, visitors and customers electric car charging facilities?

Why Install Electric Vehicle Charge Points in your Business

In 2008, the UK brought into force the Climate Change Act. Through this act the UK Government has set a target to significantly reduce UK GHG emissions by 2050 and a path to get there. The Act also established the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to ensure that emissions targets are evidence-based and independently assessed.

The government projects that over 10% of all cars on the road by 2020 and 30% by 2030 will be electric, it is therefore inevitable that your business will soon need to provide charging facilities. Many forward thinking business are now operating electric vehicles within their fleet to reduce their impact on the environment and positively impact their social corporate responsibility.

Turn Key Solution

Clenergy is able to help business like yours make this transition using trusted and reliable technology from various manufacturers. 

Clenergy is able to provide a full turn key design, supply, installation and management service. 


Clenergy can provide advice on and carry out full designs for new installations. This includes any load management calculations or deigns which need consideration.

All solutions are bespoke to the clients requirement and with Clenergy's expertise in onsite renewable generation this can be built into the design.


Clenergy is able to install and manage full payment and management software. Therefore, each business will be able to charge its clients and visitors for power and create additional revenue via a cloud based payment and management system (if it wishes).


Clenergy has close relationships with several multinational EV hardware providers for both AC and DC units and can supply this equipment at competitive prices. 


As an OLEV approved installer for both commercial and domestic as well as a member of both the ECA and ELECSA, Clenergy is able to handle any installation.

Onsite Renewable Generation

Take advantage of onsite generation to run your fleet from green power. This not only positively impacts the businesses corporate social responsibility but could further reduce the running costs!!

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