About ESS


The UK energy market has changed significantly over the past ten years, which has included over 270 independent renewable energy projects.


With Renewable Energy becoming one of the UK’s main energy sources also brings problems due to it intermittent nature. This means that storage of this clean and intermittent energy is an important part of the country’s energy mix.


Traditionally there have been several types of energy storage with Pump Storage at the top of this list. Battery storage has up until now been thought of as too expensive, however things are changing.


In 2016 only around 20MW of battery storage was installed at demonstration sites, but now the commercial reality has been proven then there is now more that 2.3GW in planning.


Therefore, if you are looking to provide service to the National Grid, such as Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR), Firm Frequency Response (FFR), Capacity Market or looking to utilize your own renewable power system’s over production then Clenergy has a solution.



Peak Shaving


Purchase power low rate and discharge at times of higher rate to reduce total costs.


Load Shifting


If you have on site renewable power production, you could either charge at times of low export tariff rates and discharge to the grid at period of higher rates or use the power at times of higher rates to reduce purchase costs.


Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)


The battery can prove an emergency back up in times of grid disruption. This could cover week grid and small regular interruptions which my upset systems or longer outages subject to system sizing.


Firm Frequency Response (FFR)


Providing grid balancing services to the national grid, which requires a response time of under 10 seconds.



Capacity Market


Providing Capacity balancing service to the National Grid, which requires a response time of under 4 hours.


Distribution Support


Provide support to the National Grid infrastructure in isolated locations to reduce or remove the requirement for expensive grid upgrades.



Off Grid


The storage of onsite generated renewable power for use in a off grid situation for times on non-generation.



Containerised Energy Storage Solution (0.5MWH Plus)


Clenergy’s containerised systems are an all in one smart storage solution and can be co-located to provide multi megawatt solutions.


Potential Uses:


  • Commercial Sites
  • National Grid Services


Cabinet Energy Storage Solution (10KWH plus)


Clenergy’s cabinet systems are an all in one smart storage solution.


Potential Uses:


  • Commercial Sites
  • Residential Sites
  • National Grid Services


Wall Mounted Energy Storage Solutions (3-10KWH)



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